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Hi there, my name is Carol and firstly I'd like to thank you for dropping by to find out a little about my journey into the world of candle making. A few years ago I received a very expensive "designer" candle as a Christmas gift.  I found myself reluctant to burn it because it cost so much and frankly it seemed rather obscene to put a match to it. (I'm well known in my family for being rather thrifty!).  

I decided to do some research into how to make my own candles, and began experimenting with various types of wax and fragrances.  I wanted the luxury of burning beautifully fragranced candles in my home, but at an affordable price. I was also quite alarmed when I realised how toxic burning paraffin wax candles in your home can be.  I very quickly made the decision to go with a natural wax.  I chose soy wax initially and then added rapeseed and coconut wax at a later date.

It took me almost a year of trial and error before I finally managed to create some beautifully fragranced candles that I was really happy with. Family and friends were very positive about the candles and I received lots of requests from people to buy them. I had become hooked on the whole process now and decided to take my new found passion  a step further and create a range of beautifully fragranced, candles to sell. The response has been amazing, and I am so happy to be able to share my Bridge Park range of vegan friendly, natural wax candles with my customers.

Every candle has been handmade by me with great care and attention to detail. Only the finest quality fragrance oils are used and blended with soy wax or rapeseed and coconut wax. The candles are all individually labelled and packaged by me so that I can be absolutely confident that the consistency and quality of my candles is maintained.


Why Soy and Rapeseed & Coconut Wax?

I chose to use soy and rapeseed and coconut wax in my candles because they contain none of the toxins, carcinogens or other pollutants found in paraffin wax. Bridge Park candles contain only 100% natural wax which is an environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative to paraffin wax. The waxes I use are completely biodegradable and water soluble, they burn cleaner and for up to 50% longer than paraffin wax, so not only are they better for the environment and your health, they're much better value for money.


I hope you will enjoy burning your candles as much as I enjoyed making them.

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