candle season has arrived

Yes, Candle season has arrived again so it’s time to hunker down and get cosy.  Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons.  Lighting candles at any time of the day or evening during the dark months of Autumn or Winter is one of lifes’ simple pleasures for me. With this in mind, it’s a good time to plan ahead.  Make sure I have everything I need to ensure the cosiest time possible and enjoy candle season as much as possible.

Having access to all of the candles I want is certainly a bonus in my home. However, burning my own candles can sometimes be problematic for me.  Despite having tested every candle rigorously before launching it, I find myself worrying that everything is ok with it. Whilst I should be relaxing and enjoying the experience I find myself constantly checking to see if the candle is burning properly.   As a result, it’s like being at work and I’m constantly on the lookout for potential problems. Does the candle smell strong enough? Has the wick mushroomed?  Is there any soot on the edge of the jar? On and on it goes, being a perfectionist can be debilitating at times!

I  have to remind myself sometimes that it’s ok to worry. Having done everything possible to ensure that my customers have the best possible experience, I can’t really do any more other than deal with a potential problem if  one occurs and get on with the business of enjoying my favourite time of the year.

So here are my recommendations for the perfect Bridge Park candles to ease you into the coming season.


Bridge Park Candle Company Feu De Bois candle gold box tied with a gold ribbon

My favourite recommendation for Autumn is our limited edition Bonfire Heart Candle.  If you love Diptquyes Feu De Bois fragrance you will love this. A warming, woody, smoky fragrance. Creating the perfect, cosy Autumn atmosphere in your home.  Also available as wax melts, tea lights and reed diffusers.

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spiced orange candle

I am never without a spiced orange candle, or diffuser somewhere in my home.  However, in the autumn and winter it comes into its own. Orange, softened and warmed with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.  This candle fragrance is not just for Christmas. Also available as wax melts, tea lights and reed diffusers.

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Why not light your candles with our beautiful extra long luxury matches for an added touch of luxury?

lighting a candle with luxury matches


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