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Well, it’s September and I hate to mention Christmas but I’m afraid I just did!    As summer fades and Autumn approaches, I know that many people start to think about Christmas and begin to purchase their gifts in advance to save a mad rush at the eleventh hour, (which is always what happens to me).

Earlier this year I joined in with a campaign to support small businesses like mine called JUST A CARD.  This was started as a result of a small independent gallery going under after which the owner said that “if everyone who had complimented our beautiful gallery had bought just a card, we’d still be open”.  That message really hit home with me.  After hearing that terribly sad story I made the decision that this Christmas I am going to buy all of my gifts and cards from independent businesses.  I know  it would be so much easier to do it all online  from large retailers,  but for the first time in my life I am going to start planning ahead and really make an effort to support other small, independent businesses.  How lovely it will be to give unique gifts to all of my family and friends this Christmas and know that I’ve helped other independent businesses in my own small way.

I hope that if you are reading this post you will consider giving small business owners like me the best Christmas gift ever by purchasing a unique gift for someone this year from one of the many truly creative individuals trying to make their way in the world doing something they love. As a small business owner, I rely on my customers to keep my little business afloat and really do appreciate every sale,  however small.

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