Wax Melts


Hand blended and poured in my Denbigh based workshop here in beautiful North Wales. Our highly scented  soy wax melts are long lasting and provide hours of fragrance.  

Each melt will diffuse for many hours and are so easy to use. Simply pop onto a melt burner, along with an unscented tea light underneath. In no time the gorgeous fragrance will be released into your room.  No need to worry about full melt pools. Just extinguish the tea light and the pool of wax will harden until you relight it.

A great way to remove the spent wax from your melter is to pop it into the fridge for a short time to harden. Most times the wax will pop out of the burner cleanly meaning you can simply  pop another melt in without having to scrape out the residual wax and wash your burner. 

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