Candle Wick Trimmer – SOLD OUT

Use this elegant candle wick trimmer to help get the most from your Bridge Park Soy Wax Candle. Trim the wick on your candle to about 8mm before you relight it. This will help to eliminate smoking. This may just involve removing the small mushroom of carbon that has built up on the tip of the wick.


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Candle wick trimmer.

Keeping your wick properly trimmed will make your candle last longer and will prevent the wick from smoking. The fragrance from a scented candle is released into the atmosphere from the liquid wax pool that forms on the surface of the candle. The candle flame’s only job is to create that liquid wax pool. A trimmed wick will enable that wax pool to be formed without burning off unnecessary wax and fragrance oil.  A large flame will cause your candle to burn faster as well as burning up fragrance instead of allowing you to enjoy it fully.


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