Ten Poems About Flowers

A bouquet is a welcome and beautiful thing, but the beauty is inevitably short-lived. This delightful mini-anthology, however, is guaranteed never to wither.  Roses, fritillaries, daisies, gentians and the humble ragwort are celebrated here by poets.

We experience their colours and scents in vivid language, so each lives on the page with all the intensity of a real flower. Sometimes it seems we can even learn from them; lilacs growing in an urban street know as much about love as we do:

“Lilac, like love, makes no distinction.
It will open for anyone.
Even before love knows that it is love
lilac knows it must blossom.”

from ‘City Lilacs’ by Helen Dunmore

This is one of the lovely mysteries of these poems – that a flower can somehow be like us and shed light on our own hopes and joys. Perfect instead of a card to say I Love You on Mothers Day.




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A beautiful mini anthology containing 10 beautiful poems about Flowers. The poetry booklet comes complete with an envelope and a blank bookmark on which you can write your Mum a personal message.

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Black Pomegranate, True Rose, Bonfire Heart, Damson & Sweet Patchouli, Peony Jasmine & Patchouli, Tibetan Cedar & Jasmine

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