Tuberose Wax Melt

Tuberose soy wax melt

A strong heady rich exotic floral scent.  I added this fragrance to my range in honour of my sister Jackie.  When we were much younger, she wore a perfume called Rapport which was heavily fragranced with Tuberose and this one takes her right back to that time.

Each melt is approximately 22g of highly fragranced soy wax and will provide up to 12 hours of beautiful fragrance.



Tuberose Soy Wax Melt

These highly fragranced 100% soy wax melts provide hours of fragrance.  None of the fragrance is being burned off by the wick, so the aroma is slightly stronger than a candle.


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Pack Size

Single Melt – £1.50, Pack of 6 – £7.50


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